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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sourdough Bread!

Sourdough Bread!
I just mixed up a sourdough starter (mother) for bread, very simple, took less than 5 minutes! Every morning I will have to feed it now ... but that only takes a minute. I used purified water and organic flour. I didn't have enough white so I used about 3/4 cup of whole grain white ... we'll see if that makes a difference! So every Saturday morning I will be baking bread! Can't wait, there's nothing better than fresh bread! And organic breads are so expensive, but not this way : )
Here's a link to the recipe and instructions!!

Enjoy! Let me know how yours turns out ... I'll update this as mine progresses.

Tuesday, day 3. I have "fed" it twice ... here's photos! It's starting to bubble!

So, the day to bake it finally came! I was so excited! I LOVE the smell of bread baking and cannot resist eating a slice hot from the oven! I made the two grapefruit sized oaves per the instructions and put them on a baking stone to rise.

Looks pretty good doesn't it??

So, I wait in anticipation ... for 8 hours like the recipe says for them to rise ... but they just flatten out instead!! HORRORS! It's not working!! But, I bake them anyway ... 'cuz ya never know! ; )
Well ... after baking, they look pretty good ... from the top anyway!

Delicious looking aren't they? Well ... the bottom was this spongy, doughy mass that was sort of rubbery ... I'm not sure if it's the water I used or if putting damp towel over it instead of a dry one ruined it or what ... but I am not giving up!

So, the end result was a great treat for my dog ... watch her enjoy it via the magic of video!

Week two ... success!!! My starter was nice and bubbly and my bread is SO TASTY!!! I still can't believe it's made with just flour, water and a pinch of salt and honey! Unreal! I can't wait for Sat to bake again!!! Pictures of the successful loaves ...

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  1. Lora - don't give up! Most people have experienced so ilar results the first week but much better results in subsequent weeks. This starter really needs at least two weeks to mature. Also you should really use all white flour in you starter. The wheat doesn't work so well in the starter. If you want wheat bread add 1 1/2 cup wheat flour instead of white when you make your dough.


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