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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here's new pictures of this year's batch! If you look closely, you can see how they bent one to squeeze it in the box.

Today I received (from Burgess) the replacement plants for the pitiful ones sent last year ... they arrived in much better condition, at least none of the stems were broken as they were last year. I still am not impressed with the way they ship their merchandise however. One label did fall out, although they did have them labeled with a tag attached right to the 4 pack also. None of the plants were out of their containers as happened last year also. They do lay them on their side however, and one four pack had their stems bent to be able to squeeze them into the box. I took pictures as soon as I opened the box so I could post the way they arrived this year. I can't say I would recommend ordering from them ... they have the worst return policy of all the companies I've dealt with also. Although they did replace what I asked them to, they would not have if I wouldn't have saved the original box they came in ... they needed the label from that or no replacement ... how many people save the box? I only did because I took the time to read the rules first ...

By the way, I do think it's a smidge too early to put peppers in here. I'm not sure what they mean by shipping at the proper time for planting in my area, but I do not think peppers can be planted here (very warm zone 4) until the middle of May ... so now I have to hope they live that long ... and they're in very small pots ... : (

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