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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farmer's Market

Today was the first farmer's market in the parking lot of the grocery store that I work at. It's held Sunday mornings, which works out great for me since I work every Sunday morning from 4AM-10AM. Today I was done early, 8AM so I got out there and hit the market! There's not much in the way of produce quite yet since it's still pretty early, but I did pick up a few veggies as well as some plants!
Here's what I got today
1 pound of sugar snap peas $3
1 big bunch of (30) radishes $1
Bag of baby mixed lettuce, 5 oz (about 16 C) $2
Parsley plant $2
Basil plant $2
4 Red pepper plants $4, plus he threw in 2 Juliet grape tomato plants FREE
4 Red lettuce plants $1
4 Brussels sprouts plants $3
3 cabbage plants $3
4 Jalapeno plants $8, plus he threw in a FREE zucchini plant

Today's total - $29
Quite a bargain. It pays to get to know your farmer's and go to the same ones if they have what you want. They have a tendency to throw in freebies and give generous "pounds" ... so a pound ends up usually being 20 ounces or so! Can't do that at the grocery store!

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