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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring gardening

I'm trying desperately to get my gardens in this year and keep them up, but I'm already feeling behind and it's only May! I have a knee injury which keeps me from kneeling, stooping and crouching ... all important movements in the life of a gardener! My condition has even been nicknamed "gardener's knee" because it's often caused by crawling around on the ground. Mine was caused by my "day job" a little over a year ago, which involves all those movements dozens of times a day. Ironically, it was fine all winter and then in about March it hit again. Of course, there's no way to "prove" it was caused by work, so no, can't get any workman's comp or anything like that for it ... but I don't care about that! I just want to garden! Anyway, I bought some "new" tools at garage sales that are helping a bit ... a very old, very sturdy and very well taken care of cultivator that is a monster at pulling out deep weeds without getting down on the ground! I just love it and only paid $1 for it! I had lettuce that came up on it's own from seeds I planted last fall, so I am eating fresh lettuce from my garden and of course the chives and things that grow on their own. I did get 6 new blueberry plants in also, and put hay all around them so they are done for a while. So, I'm working slowly but surely on getting the gardens in ... Wish me luck ... this weekend hopefully peppers and tomatoes!

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