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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dreaming of Death

I wonder how many people dream of Death … not just dying, actually meeting Death, the being. I have this dream often. Last night my dream was very real once again, but this one was different than the rest.

In my dream, Death is always around me, like a friend. He walks over, puts his arm around my shoulders and we start walking together, talking like friends. Then I look into his face and realize he’s Death and I scream, “I’m not ready yet!” He then goes away.

But, as I said, this time it was different. This time I said to him “I’m ready now”. Then, I was floating. I was looking down at my lifeless body lying in bed. As I was floating I realized what was happening. I wanted to scream, but no sound would come out. I was terrified because I knew this time I was dying. Finally, I managed to get the tiniest sound out. I then woke up …

So it makes me wonder how many others have dreams like this? What do they mean? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

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